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"Open-air - 2000"

Акция художников алтайского региона. Революционно - постсоциалистическое объединение традиционного пленэра с деятельностью туристических фирм. Новое слово в туристическом бизнесе. Небывалый сервис для невзыскательных (привычных к лишениям) художников, включающий в себя доставку группы художников в центр Катунского хребта, главной вершине северного отрога Гималаев - Белухе (4506м.). На комфортабельных автомобилях, породистых лошадях, умело организованные пешие походы. Посещение заимок лесников, горных пасек, радиальные восхождения на горные перевалы и экзотическая кухня.

Ученики реальной художественной школы
Young painters

It is an experimental campaign dated for creation of Virtual Art school. The Virtual Art school is created by synthesis of real private art school and Internet intruded so sharply in our life and filling it with improbable amount of information. The Art school's motto is " Everything is possible! " In its activity it refracts the megabytes of electronic daomon into art works and spiritual renaissance of reviving Russia.

Planned time of starting the action is June 26, duration is 20 days. The automobile part of a route occupies 4 days. Foot transitions take 4-8 days. The group is formed under the applications arrived through the Internet from a site of virtual art school. A maximum quantity of the applications accepted is 9. Cost of participation in the action is 500 USD. Painting accessories, subjects of personal hygiene, linen, warm clothes must be taken with oneself.

The works created during the campaign will be exposed in mountain settlement Tungur, in the capital of Altai republic, in Biysk city. The information on the campaign will be presented by republican, regional and All-Russia TV as well as on the pages of virtual art school.

Application form:

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Describe the reasons of your participating in the action


^ новости мастерская проекты галерея форум отзывы ссылки

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