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Beautiful masterpieces - butterflies!

Русская версия
Parnassius apollo

Like flowers they attract our attention by heir marvelous and colorful variety, mysterious and unbelievable drawing on wings and their grace.

Papilio machaon

Entomologists and collectors devote their energies creating collections, but butterflies can be kept under special conditions and unfortunately they change their color.

Vanessa atalanta
Ornithoptera alexandrae
Chrysiridia riphearia

Being a collector some years ago I tried to make on artificial butterfly, A copy of a real one. I wanted it to be lasting, vivid, mobile and easy to keep.

Papilio demodocus
Polygonia c-album
Mesosemia croesus
Nymphalis antiopa
Papilio androcles

The technology has no analogy in the world. Silk turns to be most suitable material for painting wings.

Water colors, oil colors and some chemicals are used in creating butterflies.

Today copies of butterflies answer high artistic and entomologistic qualities.

A copy consist of a head, feelers, proboscis, legs and a pectoral part.

Jamides alecto
Jamides alecto
Luendorphia pusiloi
Thecla coronata

Attacus atlas
There are about 170 000 species of butterflies in the world.
Troides brookiana
Some of them can be found in the "Red book", the others are disappearing from the earth.

The artificial butterflies is a splendid possibility for a collector or an entomologist to make the copy of disappeared and rare butterflies and enrich his collection.

Bhutanitis lidderdalei
Nymphalis io
Nymphalis io
Cynthia cardui

These butterflies can be framed and widely used as a decorative material in expositions, Art galleries, in offices and shop windows. They can be used in different kinds of advertisement or in animated cartoons.

A copy of any butterfly and any size can be made. The period of making the butterfly is within a week, depending on the size of a desirable model. Trying to make a real butterfly. I use special literature natural butterfly, Consultation of entomologists and collectors.

Papilio androcles
Urania leilus
Papilio demodocus
Aglais urticae
Dryas iulia



Annual expositions of my works very successful in the Altay region. I hope, these copies will interest you. You can get all information in Internet, by phone or e-mail.

Copy is an exclusive work, which has no analogy in Russia.


^ новости мастерская проекты галерея форум отзывы ссылки

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